Exploring Miami And Its Arts

With countless museums and galleries, jaw-dropping arts districts, and a vibe that will leave you inspired and motivated, Miami is THE perfect place for art lovers. In fact, free art in Miami can be seen on every corner! That’s why one might feel like exploring Miami and its art is a never-ending journey. But isn’t that a good thing? With inspirational sights and breathtaking works of art, we’ll present to you the top places you must put on your itinerary if you are visiting Miami for a short period of time. If that’s not the case and you are a born and raised Miamian, well, let’s just say you can feel free to count your blessings.

Art Basel is a yearly event you can’t miss

With Art Basel taking place in only three cities worldwide (Basel, Hong Kong, and Miami), you can rest assured Miami becomes the place of interest for all art lovers during its duration. It’s the most anticipated event of the year, after all! If you happen to be visiting Miami from December 5-8, we strongly suggest you make it your mission to hit at least one of the many local galleries and buy a piece of art by a proclaimed artist. Trust us – if you were ever to do that, this would be the right time!

People fly to Miami during Art Basel because they are greeted by art on every corner. Even the airport. / the airport in Miami with a colorful glass display

Over the course of five days, the show attracts thousands of people from all spheres of life. From students to entrepreneurs looking for an expensive addition to their already impressive collections, Miami’s Art Basel is a show-stopping event. When it comes to all the commodities you might need during such an event, Miami has got you covered! Be that different types of storage units where you will be able to store all the pieces you bought or the best (or cheapest) hotel rooms, this vibrant city will be able to cater to all of your needs.

You’ll enjoy exploring Miami and its arts scene once you visit Wynwood Arts District

This neighborhood of more than fifty city blocks is a true paradise. It will be a shock for your system – but in a good way, of course. Everywhere you look, you will be pleasantly greeted by street art and murals by the world’s most proclaimed and promising artists. If you truly want to experience Wynwood and see all the glorious things it has to offer, you’ll have to show up full of energy because a jam-packed schedule is ahead of you.

You won’t be able to say you’ve experienced Miami in all its glory without visiting Wynwood. / a man on a skateboard exploring Miami and its arts

The Wynwood Arts District isn’t the place to find luxury commercial and residential real estate – it’s a place where you can best experience the art culture. Start by touring Wynwood Walls – the backbone of the entire district. Move on to hours spent roaming the streets and glaring at the murals, and finish with a graffiti tour at Wynwood Art Walk. In case you are looking for something more commercialized, you can peek in at one of the local and privately-owned galleries. You will be able to marvel at large-scale installations, impressive sculptures, beautiful photography, and impressive paintings. How’s that for a day of fun spent exploring Miami and its arts?

Miami Design District is the home of some architectural gems

Let’s just put it this way – you won’t find a shortage of reasons to visit the Miami Design District. This place is as amazing as it gets! Just like the Wynwood Arts District, the Miami Design District also hosts a plethora of options for free art sightseeing. But unlike Wyndwood which is more focused on eccentric street art, the Miami Design District is home to some amazing architecture. People say that no two buildings are alike in this district, and we couldn’t agree more. And when it comes to all the things the Miami Design District has to offer, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here, you will be able to find a number of public art installations that are scattered throughout the district. There are also unique shops, restaurants, and boutiques on every corner! So, you don’t have to go for design luxury brands if that doesn’t spark your interest. Instead, feel free to visit one local and privately-owned store while exploring Miami and its arts. Interacting with people will make this whole experience that much more special!

You can’t say you’ve explored Miami and its arts without visiting the Art Deco Historic District

As a U.S historic district, this area is much more than just popular with Miami’s residents. It is a well-known place across the states. With as much as 960 historic buildings around, we don’t think we’ll have to elaborate what’s so special about it! But we will say that every building you see here will be a cause for a break – you’ll definitely want to snap some photos of this Instagrammable place. From the Waldorf Towers to the Essex House and everything in between, trust us when we tell you that this is a place you won’t likely forget. Ever. After all, if one of the most famous fashion designers of all time (Gianni Versace) chose it as his humble abode, you can only imagine the uniqueness of the place.

This historic U.S district leaves no one indifferent. / a building in the Art Deco District

So, do you think that will be enough fun for a trip spent exploring Miami and its arts? If you need some more excitement, you should know that Miami has hundreds of museums, galleries, and aspiring artists. There are also many other districts you simply cannot miss, like Little Havana. Everywhere you turn, you’ll get a chance to fall in love with Miami’s culture and its people. And it’s precisely people that make Miami into one of the most unique and vibrant places in this world. We know you’ll love it at least as much as we do!